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A Daunting Project

A Daunting Project
June 12, 2017

June 3. 2017

Dear Evelyn,

Denise and I want to express our thanks, as well as our gratitude, to you for managing the recent sale of our Richmond home. When you first visited us to see our home and spent close to four hours getting to know us and understanding our goals and expectations, we were absolutely confident that our decision to list our house with you was the right choice.

The daunting project of selling our home while managing out-of-town construction and the move was made easier by your experience and knowledge of the market and your personal commitment to us. Honestly, we were both shocked at the price that you thought was reasonable since it was 15-20% per square foot higher than any house sold in our neighborhood in recent years. Not only did you deliver a contract in two days, you delivered a second contract also in two days after the first buyers requested a release from their contract due to personal health issues. AND, both contracts were for the full asking price!

The quick sale for the full asking price obviously was tremendously satisfying to us but your assistance and guidance on all of the details involved in the sale of a home were greatly appreciated. We are deeply indebted to you for many other activities that you managed to make the entire process proceed smoothly. Your knowledge of area contractors to help us with small projects, the recommendation of a decorator to work with us for staging our home, networking with other retailers and developing advertising and promotional pieces, making time to open the house for appraisers and inspectors when we were out of town, helping us identify necessary changes rather than chasing every possible upgrade, and for always being available to answer our questions were all key parts of the professionalism that you exhibited from beginning to end.

While the primary purpose of this letter is to thank you, if it can be used in any way as a referral letter we hope it will be helpful to you. We are so fortunate to have received your name from a friend and we highly recommend your services to anyone involved in selling or purchasing a home. Having worked with five other realtors in the purchase/sale of homes over the years, we can say that you are the best!

Again, our heartfelt thanks to you and best wishes to you. Please stay in touch. Sincerely,

John L. Woodson Ill Denise H. Woodson